WATCH this GoldieBlox video!

Earlier this year I wrote about Goldieblox, the first engineering construction set developed for girls.  Since then the company, founded by Stanford engineering graduate Debbie Sterling, has done so well its launched a second game just in time for the holidays.


"GoldieBlox and the Parade Float" features Katinka, a pink dolphin, who is devastated after losing the "Little Miss Princess Pageant" because that means she won't get to ride on the town's parade float.  But leave it to  Goldie and Ruby to solve the problem by building their own float!


The company just launched a video showcasing the amazing inventive power that girls have. 
In it, engineer Brett Doar recruits three young girls (who appear in the video) Sabrina, Reese and Raven to help build a machine that transforms an average home in Pasadena into a massive magical contraption.  It really is incredible to view the creativity involved and the fact that it's set to an 8 year old rapping a reworked version of Beastie Boys, "Girls" makes it something to see.  

With her message, transmitted through the toys and videos, it really does look like Goldie's going to reach her goal of getting girls interested in engineering,  building self-confidence and inspiring the next generation of girls to be the builders of our future.


·GoldieBlox and the Parade Float, $19.99

·Blox+ Bits Expansion Pack, $8.99