Vegetables & Fruits Made Fun

I find that my kids are much more excited to eat their food when they're involved in making it.  This weekend I discovered, getting them to harvest it doesn't hurt either.  

Located about an hour outside of LA in Orange County, Tanaka Farms is an organic family run farm that offers a variety of fun and educational tours throughout the season. We jumped on a tractor for the Strawberry Tour and got to see the working farm in action.  Our guide zig zagged through the crops stopping every so often to pick fresh produce and let us taste it.  In the heart of it all, he had us hop out - plastic containers in hand - and literally dig into the strawberries.  You could only take as many strawberries as your container could hold, but you could sample as many in the field that you liked.  

The tour ended at the produce stand which was running a Kale sale.  Needless to say, I have a lot of Kale on hand, but I also have a fabulous kid friendly recipe for homemade kale chips so as soon as I get the motivation to break out the cookie sheet, I'm sure it'll go to good use.

Tanaka Tours:

Strawberry Tours (Mid-March to end of June)

Cookout Tours (Mid-March to end of August)

Watermelon Tours (July to August)

Pumpkin Patch Tour (end of September to end of October)