The Purple Passport Guides You Through Washington, DC

Planning a trip to our nation's capitol? Find out the best places to eat, stay, and play with help from The Purple Passport!  In addition to Paris, London, New York, Palm Beach, Los Angeles, Beijing and Taipei, the site has just added Washington DC to its collection of established online city guides. 

The Purple Passport unbuttons D.C, a city often known for its play-it-safe conservatism, by highlighting the scintillating metropolis in terms of its fashion-forward shopping, hot nightlife spots, and trendy boutique hotels. Now cool, cosmopolitan, colonial and conservative all at once, the diamond-shaped city is as glittering and tough as its gemstone counterpart- and The Purple Passport’s DC guide leads the way into the city's expanding artsy-urban energy.

“The Washington DC Purple Passport sets itself apart from other guides of the region in that it is fully in keeping with the demand for more individual and authentic travel experiences” says co-founder Emily Brands. “The DC guide elevates travelers’ overall experience of the city, taking them away from a purely patriotic DC and bringing them towards the exceptional hidden gems."

While preserving the grandeur of DC’s history and its politicking present, the new guide aptly highlights that there is not just one side of DC to savor. "With consumers relying more on personal information and recommendations, DC by The Purple Passport offers an authentic first hand experience and more interaction with local communities,” says Jenn Garcia-Alonso co-founder.

All guides can be accessed for free at Find the DC edition at

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1. David wrote:
1) Do you have a passport?No, If I did I would have to tarvel to garden spots like Iraq and Afghanistan, I have one half of that t-shirt already don't need the other - No thanks. 2) What countries have you visited?Mostly from my time in Uncle Sugars Canoe Club. Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, Bahrain, UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, PI, Guam, South Korea and Sri Lanka. 3) If money were no object, in which country would you like to live? Non-English speaking, probably Germany, English speaking, Right here in US if that wasn't an option then Canada, Australia maybe New Zealand. 4) Do you feel tarvel enriches your life?I agree with previous poster, people and relationships enrich life, but by tarveling you get to meet many more people that could enrich your life. It gives one a sense to see people and places for what they are minus the MSM spin. I think more people should get out just to broaden their mind a bit. I just love listening to someone that has never been farther than 25 miles from their birthplace spouting of about things they only know from the MSM. Sad.5) Would you like to tarvel more?Not really, never really liked airlines, like them even less since 9/11. I like being other places I hate getting there by airline.6) What is your favorite city in the world?I tend to shy away from Cities, smaller hamlets/villages quieter more intimate peaceful settings. Cities have a way of homogenizing people. Cities generally suck. :)

Sun, September 29, 2013 @ 7:40 PM

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