Travel Tips From Adventures By Disney

For many of us, the word, "Disney" conjures up thoughts of movies, theme parks, and one very famous mouse. But there is so much more to the brand including, Adventures By Disney, which has poised itself at the forefront of world wide family travel. Their unforgettable, hassle free, all inclusive vacations thoroughly immerse you and your family in a culture through tours, story telling, and activities.

Most recently, the group expanded its offerings to include river cruising, focused on multi generational travel. Kids, parents and grandparents will all delight in the opportunity to experience locations and hidden gems in eight destinations across Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary.

Ready for your next excursion? Jennae, one of Adventure Disney's guides, offers up

5 great family travel tips that will help you no matter where you go!

1. When buying a new suitcase, make sure you don't get anything bigger than 25" or at most, 26". Those super-huge bags are great if you're driving somewhere but they will absolutely be overweight if you're flying.

2. Try to pack a few days early and go back and look at your bags the day before. Chances are you'll find you've packed too much.

3. Don't pack one individual bag per person. Spread your items out between all the bags. That way, if some of your luggage is lost, you will still have some clothes/toiletries with you.

4. You do not need to pack a completely different outfit for every day. Plan to mix and match and remember that a simple accessory (like a light scarf or even a hat) can make an outfit look completely different.

5. Put a shoe in the hotel safe along with your valuables. When you're packing up to go you will wonder where that other shoe is then remember to open the safe to retrieve it ALONG with everything else inside that you might have forgotten otherwise