Thinking Outside The Lunchbox: Love Child Organics

This month, I've been asked to write articles for a number of publications on the same topic - school lunch.  It's something we're all dealing with... having to pack a variety of nutritious foods that our picky eaters will actually eat. 


My preschooler still loves "squeezers," easy to pack snacks you can eat on the go and typically enjoys carrying  one in her backpack.  I hadn't thought about them for my Kindergartener until he was served them at school for a group snack.  Seems those little pureed packs aren't just for babies. 

We've tried a number of brands, but were recently introduced to Love Child Organics, a family run company committed to making organic, convenient and tasty foods which include lots of nutritionally-rich, natural ingredients like kale, quinoa, or rhubarb - items your kids would likely skip over if discovered in a lunchbox.   

My kids liked how these tasted and I liked the fact that this is a company run by parents who care.  That means no refined sugars, additives, preservatives, fillers or GMO's. And the pouches, all produced in the US, are all guaranteed BPA-free. 



The company also gives back to kids, having partnered with First Book, a non-profit enterprise providing high quality children’s books to children in need. One cent from every Love Child Organics product sold goes directly to this amazing organization.

And keep the caps.  They make the most fabulous kid DIY jewelry!