The Parents’ Guide for Coping With Your Kid’s First Overnight Camp Stay

There is a lot of advice out there for preparing your children for their first overnight camp experience, but what about the parents who, for the first time, are saying goodbye to their kids for an extended period?

We got these 5 incredible tips from a camp counselor at SoCal's, Pali Adventures.

1.  Don’t linger on goodbyes – your child needs space to be able to enjoy their time at camp so taking too long to say goodbye can just make things more difficult for both of you.

2.  Trust the staff – you did your research to ensure that the staff are well-trained, so trust your judgement!

3.  Make plans to keep busy while they are gone –your grand plans for “me” time can easily turn into Netflix marathons on the couch. Get out of the house, try a new workout class, explore a new part of town!

4.  Or go on vacation! This is the time to spoil yourself.

5.  Find out how the camp keeps you connected (emails, photos posted online, care packages) – and make the most of those opportunities.