The Absolute Guide to Eco-friendly Home Decorating

Turn your home into an "eco-home"  with these 5 simple suggestions! 


Eco-friendly Furniture

First step, trade all your furniture pieces for ones made of natural or recycled materials. A huge benefit of eco-friendly furniture is that it lasts longer!

Organic Wallpapers and Paint

Organic paint is going to cost you more than conventional. For example, one gallon of organic paint starts at $50 and is able to cover 390 square feet of surface, as compared to one gallon of traditional paint, which costs about $30. Yet, it is worth opting for non-toxic products for many health-related and environmental reasons. Nature-friendly paint does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are toxic and harmful substances, and therefore it does not cause headaches, irritated skin, burning throat and eyes, dizziness and other health problems. Besides, organic means less pollution.

Organic wallpapers are just as versatile and healthy as organic paint. Again, the price is higher than that of conventional wallpapering, but that is just a small concern as compared to the damage traditional products cause.


Repurpose Your Existing Items

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to  decorate your home, try finding new uses and purposes for your existing items. Items you can repurpose and reuse vary from old cabinets to spice racks, suitcases, bedside tables, garden baskets, shoe holders, etc. 

Old Bulbs

Make sure to get rid of incandescent light bulbs and install LED lighting in every room. The benefit of using LED lighting is that you don't have to replace it as often as conventional light bulbs. Furthermore, it will reduce your energy consumption.


Since you want to make your home as natural as possible, you can't go wrong with plants. This is the fastest way to bring nature in. Add plants in every corner of your home in order to make it cleaner, cozier, fresher and more beautiful. Fresh flowers in your bedroom, kitchen and living room do not only improve the quality of air, but also make an excellent accent piece.

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