Tea Formulated to Create the Perfect Cup

Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world, second to water, and in some countries regarded as a daily ritual and mark of status and luxury.

Tea bags were actually invented accidentally in 1908. People simply didn’t realize tea that had been put in bags for transport needed to be emptied before they were steeped. 

Well, apparently we've been hit with the biggest innovation in tea since its invention.  They're called Pique tea crystals. There are no bags to steep so there's no guess work when it comes to the strength of your tea.  Instead, the tea is packaged in individual shelf-stable, air-tight sachets for convenience and long-lasting flavor.  Simply open, pour into an eight-ounce cup of water, and enjoy!  Because of its unique packaging, Pique's freshness lasts unlike regular tea bags are only good for about six months before they start to lose their flavor.

The Crystals are made from premium, organic whole tea leaves, hand selected by tea farmers in China, Sri Lanka and India at their peak. The company’s proprietary Low Brew & Pressure process fully extracts the rich flavor and complete spectrum of powerful tea nutrients. That means Pique has twice the antioxidants of regular tea bags and is more nutritionally dense than matcha.

There are five black and green tea varieties—each free from preservatives, artificial flavorings and sugar—including Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Mint Sencha, Sencha, and Jasmine. They look beautiful when served and best of all, taste fresh and delicious.  

                                                          3 more reasons to drink tea

  • Unsweetened black tea can help fix bad breath due to the chemical components called polyphenols that slow down the formation of plaque-causing bacteria
  • The Ritz Carlton of Hong Kong has the world’s most expensive High Tea meal priced at $8,888 per couple
  • Green tea is known to reduce some forms of cancer, lower blood pressure and regulate blood sugar