Spotlight On: Andrew & Polly, Musicians

L.A.-based musicians and composers, Andrew and Polly are in the business of making kids happy. The couple, with a little one of their own, just launched a radical new podcast for kids, featuring kids.  Here they give Luxe Angeles Mom the skinny on how they manage to do it all.

Q: You two met as college students. How did you decide to delve into the world of kids music together?

A: In 2006, we started singing casually to our nieces and the children of our friends. We felt like we had stumbled onto a magic trick that calmed down fussy babies! In 2010, Polly owned a studio in Brooklyn and we decided to finally make a record - "Up & At 'Em." It was a super fun project and after that we played a few shows in New York. When we moved to Los Angeles we decided to step it up and play more live shows. Luckily there is an AWESOME children's music scene in Los Angeles and we quickly made new friends at wonderful places like Children's Book World, The Cow's End and Books & Cookies.

Q: Did welcoming a son last year change your sound or influence your songs at all?

A: We have always loved singing while going about our daily lives, but now it's a MUST! We make up songs about everything - from breakfast to bath time, you can bet that we're probably singing something.
Our songwriting has probably gotten a little looser since becoming parents - maybe the exhaustion has led to silliness, but our writing has gotten more free and fun. Watching Izzy play and explore his new world has really encouraged us to tinker and experiment more in the studio, whether with words and melodies or with arrangements and production techniques. A lot of those musical experiments have found their way into our new podcast, Ear Snacks.

Q: Tell us about Ear Snacks!

A: Each episode covers a different subject – from fruit to hats! We have interviews with professionals and kids alike, all set to a quirky musical soundtrack of our original songs and scores. It's super fun to include our fans and their parents in what we're doing and it seems like they are really enjoying it too. Ear Snacks gives families a chance to be curious and playful together. It's free on iTunes or in your preferred podcast app or site, and you can also hear episodes on Sirius XM Kids Place Live.

Q: How many instruments do you each play?

A: A bunch! Polly usually plays all the string and fretted instruments (guitar, ukulele, violin, mandolin) and Andrew usually plays the keyboards (piano, accordion, glockenspiel), but every once in a while we'll trade - like in our cover of "Here Comes The Sun." Andrew played all the guitars and Polly played the keyboard and mellotron. We both sing, whistle, kazoo, and take turns playing bass, synthesizers and percussion. Our studio is full of crazy instruments - we aren't good at all of them, but that doesn't stop us!

Q: What are your favorite things to do as a family?

A: We are really into building sandcastles, reading stories and books together, walking around our neighborhood with hats on and, of course, having dance parties!

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