Snacking On "The Better Chip"

We all know how difficult it is to keep kids away from the great tasting, bad for you foods.  This is especially tough when you your husband is a big kid who still eats hostess products. I love you, honey.

I've always put unhealthy items out of reach, but unless they have some other alternative available, kids will go searching and they're fully aware of the fact that they can  get a stool, climb up on the counter and go through cabinets.

Deprivation isn't the answer, healthy snacks are.  I recently received a treasure trove of chips which normally wouldn't thrill me, but these are better chips.  "The Better Chip" to be exact. 


Tortilla chips with bold, delicious flavors like Jalapeno, Red Pepper, Spinach and Kale, Corn and Sweet Onion. 

Gluten free, GMO free, and vegan (except for Sweet Onion which contains white cheddar), these chips taste great and don't make you feel badly afterwards.  Take for example my kids favorite, corn.  The only ingredients are corn masa flour, whole corn, sunflower and/or canola oil and sea salt. 

Pair the kale and spinach with Trader Joes Spinach and Kale Greek Yogurt Dip. You won't be disappointed. 

Disclaimer: Thanks to The Better Chip for offering us samples to facilitate this feature. As always, all views and opinions expressed are my own