Shape House: Experiencing An Urban Sweat Lodge

Wondering why anyone would go to a sweat lodge? I sure did.  Until our own Heather Nagler convinced me that Shape House was the "place to be." Sweating is said to burn calories, deepen sleep, improve skin, and lift moods. All types of celebs had jumped on board and were using places like Shape House to detox and get ready for the red carpet.

I was being pushed out of my comfort zone and wasn't fully convinced, but admittedly, I was curious so I booked an appointment.

"Sweating helps people physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually." Sophie Chiche, Founder & CEO Shape House

 Shape House will give you clothes or you can wear your own. Just know your clothes will get drenched.  On top of your clothes, you're wrapped in a silver suit similar to what you see runners draped in at the end of a marathon.  Then you are led in to a pod where you lay down on a cozy bed that's warmed through infrared (radiant form of natural energy) heat.  I wondered how I would be able to lay there for 55 minutes without getting bored or hot and wanting to get up.  But with the help of headphones allowing you to either watch a personalized TV or listen to music, I was quite happy to just lay there, relax and have this time just for me. 

"One hour where you can pretty much feel better, look better, lose weight, sleep better, make better choices the next day... it's a pretty good hour." Sophie Chiche

The staff checks on you twice.  They bring you a towel, refill your water and make sure you're comfortable.  When you're done and the layers come off and you are led into the relax room where there's tea, water and oranges; as vitamin C is apparently very good to put back into your body after a sweat.  Most people take this time to breathe and come back to earth, but Heather and I chatted with the few others in the room.  One woman was in a high powered career and swore that sweating helped her focus and reset for the day.  The other was a working mother who described the session like "therapy."  Both said they sweat regularly, use it like they would a spa and feel so much better for it. The four of us sat there glowing as if we'd just finished a workout and compared notes on how we felt surprisingly relaxed and recharged. 

"I wanted to create a space where people could rejuvenate and they could just be with themselves, have some 'me'  time and somehow recharge." Sophie Chiche


Feeling like you want to give Shape House a try?  Just mention "Friends of LuxeMom" and receive 20% off a single session!