Send Them A Little Lunchtime Love

With school starting, I've been paying more attention to fun things you can do to make your kids transition easier.  So far, my favorites have been the littlest (simplest) ones with the biggest impact... like notes you can stick in their lunchbox to remind them that you're thinking about them.  There are really creative messages and ways of presenting those messages available for download straight from the web.  Doesn't get any easier.  Here are my top 3: 

Lunchbox Printables

Make their sandwich more special with a message.  Notes range from "Your first day of school" (available in pink or blue), "Bon appetit" and even "Ham and cheese."



Notes of Encouragement

Get a stack of encouraging sayings like "I Love You" and "You Are Amazing" with one click of the mouse.  This download gives you a whole sheet so you can just cut, fold and send 'em off. 



Hidden Pictures Lunchbox Notes

Leave it to a creative mom to turn a page in Highlights Magazine into a lunchtime game.  Each note contains a hidden picture and room on the side to write your own special message.