Saggy Skin, Cellulite, Stretch Marks? An Exclusive Interview With Skincare Giant, Mama Mio

My kids are only 3 and 4 so we have quite a ways to go, but so far I can safely say that for me, the newborn stage has been the toughest.  Adjusting to the needs of a new little person, sleep deprivation, and finding that balance so you're able to get yourself back into shape (mentally and physically) takes time.  That goes for all of us, even two of the worlds most famous new moms, Kate Middleton and Penelope Cruz.  When I found out they were fans of the company, Mama Mio, I decided to do a little investigating into what makes this skincare line stand out.  Here's what the company had to say.


Q: What makes you different from some of the other brands targeted towards women? 

A: We are so proud of the quality of our formulas. We spend a HUGE amount on the actual ingredients in every single product. We use facial quality actives for every single inch of you, from top to toe, and we include those actives at their HIGHEST recommended levels. Because we know that our products are our advertisements – and if you love them you will spread that love. For us, it is the strongest way to grow.

Q: Does that mean you omit ingredients which are known to be potentially harmful?

A: Just as we are  passionate about what we put IN our formulas, we are equally careful about what we leave OUT. Our NO NASTIES policy is your surety that our skincare will never have petrolatum, parabens, SLS, xenoestrogens, pthlalates, synthetic fragrances, artificial colourants. If it is a nasty, it is a no-no.

Q: Would you call yourself "organic?"

A: People are always trying to put you in some kind of category – are you a 'natural' brand, are you 'science-based', are you 'organic'. We are none and yet we are all of these. We use organic ingredients when possible. We use the best of science and of nature. We like to consider our skincare 'CLEAN'. We only use the best of everything but we do not compromise on the efficacy of the formula.

Q: You have a tremendous following.  What else has made you such a success?

A: Our driving force is to create the very BEST in every skincare category – the best cellulite cream possible, the best body shaper, the best moisturizer, the best tummy rub, the best cleanser. We win lots of awards but most importantly, women worldwide write to us daily to say that finally they have found a range that actually works. That makes them feel good. That they then recommend to their friends. And that is how we have grown in 8 years from a tiny pipsqueak of an idea into a fully fledged skincare brand in 14 countries. One of our early goals was to become the most recommended skincare brand in the world – lofty, we know – but the older we get , the more excited we are that we can achieve this dream.

Q: Mama Mio has products for all types of skincare issues.  What are some you can recommend to new moms?

A: We've created targeted solutions for women's life stages ranging from pregnancy and weight-loss to coping with the first signs of gravity and menopause. For new mom's:

Get Waisted ($56): Get a flatter, firmer, tighter tummy from proven fat-busters and toners in Mama Mio’s body shaping cream that works beneath the skin's surface to increase the breakdown of fat.

Goodbye Stretch Marks ($70): This powerful blend of peptides, fruit extracts, nourishing oils and algae extracts improves new and old stretch marks caused by pregnancy, weight gain, and even cosmetic surgery.

Skin Tight ($56): Bringing facial peel technology to the body, this toning serum will help tighten slack skin back into place. Works wonders on stretched tummies!



Disclaimer: Thanks to Mama Mio for sending samples to facilitate this feature. As always, all views and opinions expressed are my own