Roundup: Cool Kids Stuff

All types of gadgets and gizmos pass my desk, but the ones that make the biggest impression for being innovative, useful and just plain fun go in a special folder so I don't forget them.  Here is the latest round up of must have kid stuff. 

Baby Banana Bendable Training Toothbrush 

Developed by a hygienist mom, this toothbrush not only makes brushing fun, it's an amazing teether! Its got a wide handle, is dishwasher safe and can go in the freezer to help soothe sore gums. $9.99

Disney Silverware

My kids have been using these forever.  I bought them with the idea that they'd enjoy dinner more if they used fun utensils and a bit to my surprise, it worked.  BPA free & dishwasher safe. $6.50

Personalized Gift Wrap

Typically, kids zip right past the card to get to the gift anyway so why not make things easy (and unique) with personalized paper.  Choose from a large selection of patterns and fonts. $19

Blingtastic Allergy Alert Jewelry

Gone are the days of really boring silver plated medical ID bracelets.  These serve the same purpose while being super stylish. The handcrafted leather bracelets, adorned with beads, can be personalized with up to two lines.   

Natural Life Fuzzy Ear Buds

These fun and trendy ear buds from Natural Life fit all standard headphone jacks. $15