Q&A: Help! My Baby Won't Eat Solid Foods

Question: My son is almost a year old and he still doesn't like eating solids. Is he okay getting mostly the bottle? Any suggestions moving forward?

Answer: Many babies take time when learning to eat solids. Some babies enjoy solids immediately and some need to be introduced to certain foods over and over again until they like it. Most pediatricians will tell you that it is not crucial for a baby to eat solids during the 1st year. This is a time when breastmilk or formula is most important and eating solids is secondary. However, it is important that your baby continue to be exposed to solids. If you haven't experimented with finger foods (i.e. puffed cereal, soft fruits and veggies) and your baby is ready, you might want to try that. Some babies prefer finger foods to purees. Another suggestion might be to offer your baby solid food about 45-60 min after the bottle to ensure that he/she is hungry. If your baby continues to refuse solids after his/her 1st birthday, we would recommend bringing this to your pediatrician's attention.

Caren Gitlin and Jessica Battaini are the founders of BabySpace, a unique, supportive Parent and Me community for parents to transition into their new and exciting roles, embrace parenthood, and build confidence in their parenting skills.