Pamper & Play: You Relax, They'll Take Care Of The Kids

I always dreamed of a place where someone would watch my kids for me while I got some work done, paid a few bills or just checked my email.  I use sitters, but they require some planning which I don't always think to do in advance because I always seem to need them when I haven't planned for them. 

Enter Pamper & Play, an indoor play area in Westwood with a staff eager to watch your kids while you head up to the couches in the parent loft-lounge for complimentary coffee, magazines and WIFI.   

Get a membership or just walk in and pay $15/hr ($20 for two or more).  It's just that easy.  I took my daughter, Mira, in last week and she found entertainment around every corner... a ball pit here, a play kitchen there, even a mini jungle gym.  That, by the way, was all before story time and arts and crafts.  

You have to stay on the premises, except on certain Saturday's (check their calendar) when they hosts parents nights and mornings out.  $40 for 4 hours ($20 for siblings) gets them open play, activities and pizza for lunch or dinner.  On the other days, note that they do consider  La'Duree, the salon next door, the "premises" so feel free to go and get that much needed trim.    

Some dreams really do come true!