Our Trip To Sony Animation For OPEN SEASON: SCARED SILLY

The Open Season animals are back at it!  Out on Blu-ray, DVD and digital HD platforms March 8, the mystery adventure Open Season: Scared Silly, directed by David Feiss (creator of the popular TV series “Cow and Chicken”), finds Elliot, Boog, and friends on a hunt for a monstrous werewolf in Timberline National Forest. 








Check out the trailer below!


Sony Animation invited us for an adventure filled press day to screen the movie and see how it all came together in studio. I brought my 5 year old, whom I was afraid might be scared, but she wasn't.  In fact she laughed most of the way through every song, poop and tushy joke thrown out there. No doubt as director David Feiss told us he runs most of his jokes by his four kids to see how they fly.  Some younger kids may be frightened at certain parts but the theme is about facing your fears and learning how to feel less afraid.  











Feiss, who was the head of story on the original Open Season, spoke about his process with a group of us and showed us how he had a hand in every step.  He even effortlessly sketched out a picture of one of the characters for us.  Although the budget was smaller this time around, Feiss said his goal was to make the movie look as grand as the first.  













We were also given a demonstration by lead editor, Maurissa Horitz in her studio.  This movie, she said, took 16 months of editing, which is pretty quick for an animated film.  She showed us how she takes the sketches and makes them come to life, eventually adding lighting so that it looks realistic.  










Next we got the opportunity to chat with energetic voice actor, William Townsend, who admitted he fell into the role accidentally.  He started in Marketing at Sony and eventually moved into production where he was asked to scratch a track for edit. Having honed his funny voices from working with kids at a camp, the producers fell in love with him and to his surprise, made him the voice of two of the movie's main characters, Weener dog and Elliot.  "I was the first of my friends to have a Screen Actors Guild membership which they don't like to talk about much," he joked.  









For our last stop, we were invited in to the scratch recording studio with voice actress, Melissa Strum.  I got the chance to test out my animation voiceover skills, voicing the part of Giselle, and realized the process is harder than it looks. I've voiced plenty of scripts throughout my career, but never had to make the sound look like it was coming from the mouth of a cartoon.  

Our last stop was lunch with the characters and the production staff -- a perfect way to cap off an exciting day. Open Season Scared Silly runs 1:25 and is rated PG. Look for it March 8!