Style File: A Most Modern Cradle

Sleek. Simple. Modern.  It's not exactly how I would have described my decor once our children entered the picture, but then again, I didn't know about So-Ro.  

The Scandinavian company behind this revolutionary cradle just exhibited at the Dwell on Design Expo, an event aimed at debuting the latest in modern living.  

Designed by a Norwegian occupational therapist, the So-Ro cradle rocks forwards and back like a swing, which according to research of the brain's interpretation of sensory input, is more soothing to babies than side to side.

The so-ro cradle is available as a single or a twin with a core made of plywood Baltic birch with American walnut or laminated white. It's sturdy enough for an adult to stand in without tipping over, has three grades of elevation at the head to promote healthy breathing, and is touted as being easy to assemble.  Probably best of all, the website claims it's so soothing, it'll help your baby fall asleep which in turn will have you "feeling calmer ...with more energy for everyday things."  Say no more.