Super Luxe Adult Getaway

Every so often I get clued in to new and amazing experiences, some of which come with amazing price tags. Food and car lovers, dare to dream.  The founder of the UK’s highly acclaimed London Motor Museum just announced the launch of Miami Supercar Rooms, the nation’s first Supercar—Culinary encounter,  scheduled to open next month in the heart of Miami’s burgeoning Wynwood Arts District.  

Following a successful modeling career, founder Elo started to develop an impressive collection of cars and eventually found himself with 30 vehicles that he needed to put in storage. One day, a friend’s father asked to see the storage facility and made the comment “It’s like a museum” which gave Elo a groundbreaking idea and started his journey.

The Miami Supercar Dining experience is an epicurean journey into gourmet cuisine.  Six outdoor “Pods” are available to reserve, seating groups of up to six people. The dining experience within each Pod is accompanied by one of the most desirable cars in the world such as the 1955 SL 300 Mercedes Gullwing, 1929 Rolls Royce Bootch, and the 2007 Shelby Supercar Ultimate Aero TT.

An Associate is assigned to clients within each Pod and is knowledgeable about the car featured inside.  Upon being seated, guests are greeted with the story and rich history behind the vehicle situated beside them. 

The Chef de Cuisine for the night greets the group inside the Pod to discuss the specials of the day and the type of preferred food each would like.  The selection is always seasonal and multi-cultural in its approach to reflect South Florida’s cosmopolitan palate, with locally grown ingredients as a main component. In addition to a selection of house made specialties, guests will also have the option to choose from a menu provided by a chosen South Florida restaurant for that month.  Guests can choose to dine in complete privacy or with an ‘open’ Pod allowing for a view of the bar scene and DJ.

At $3,000 per pod,  the experience is quite pricey but that doesn't mean you can't take part.  The Auto Art Gallery will be free for visitors who aren't dining to tour during the day and in the evening (Wednesday through Monday – closed on Tuesdays).  




Elo started to develop his own collection of cars for every mood and occasion – from a customized Maserati and a Cadillac for Sunday cruising to the classic British sports car to arrive at typically British events. Soon Elo had built his own collection of 30 vehicles that couldn’t be parked outside his home, so he put them in to storage. One day, a friend’s father asked to see Elo’s storage facility full of cars and made the comment “It’s like a museum” which gave Elo a groundbreaking idea.


In 2004, Elo opened the doors to the London Motor Museum,