Love Your Jeans? Paper Denim & Cloth's 6 Tips For Buying & Preserving Denim

Since it was founded in 1999, Paper Denim & Cloth has been synonymous with fashion-forward denim styling. and impeccable product quality.  CEO/Founder Alex Gilbert left the company to focus on her family and came back for a relaunch of the brand in Spring 2013.  When asked how the work/family "balance" is going, Gilbert honestly replied, " It’s not easy but I want my girls to see you can follow your dreams and still be a loving mom and wife."

We asked her to share her secrets to buying and preserving our denim favorites.  

Alex’s Denim Tips:

1. Don’t have time to try your jeans on before purchasing them? Wrap the waste around your neck. It should fir snugly end to end

2. Buy your jeans as tight as possible. They always stretch

3. Jeans that have at least 5% polyester stretch less than others

4. White denim typically runs tighter and smaller

5. Prevent fading by washing your jeans inside out

6. If you’re a real “denim head,” instead of washing, put your jeans in the freezer. That will kill the smells and bacteria while ensuring your jeans stay as close to new as possible.