Kiwi Crate: Party In A Box

My kids love getting mail.  It doesn't matter if it's a generic catalogue headed for the trash or a party invite directly addressed to them, just talking about the mailman gets them jazzed up.   

So when I heard about Kiwi Crate, I was immediately intrigued.  It's a service which delivers crates filled with inspiring age appropriate arts and crafts to your home on a monthly basis.  Themes include "Fairy Fun," "Pirate Adventure" and "Busy With Bugs."  We tried "Growing Gardens" (with the $7.95 "no fight" add-on which gives you two of everything) and not only were the kids happily entertained for a good hour or so, but I was thrilled to present them with something fun, creative and mentally stimulating that didn't require yet another trip to Michaels Art Supply. 

They decorated pots, made paper flowers and even had dirt and seeds on hand so they could grow their own herbs.  The dirt, by the way, came in the form of pebbles which only broke apart when mixed with water, so there was no mess to clean up.  

At $20 bucks a crate (less the longer your subscription) and free shipping, Kiwi Crate also makes for a great gift. They also offer party favors which start at 5 bucks a box (sold in quantities of 6+) and contain materials and instructions for making all kinds of great kid projects from rockets to magic wands.