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    6 All-Natural Homemade Face Mask Recipes

    Anti wrinkle, moisturizing, exfoliating... all of it can be done organically and economically using ingredients from your own kitchen cabinet.  On your next trip to the market or local health food store - be sure to add these essentials to your list and get glowing!

  • 10 Reasons Why Mom's Should Get Their Eyebrows Shaped

    I know as women, we are all looking for that quick and cost effective beauty fix! My advice to you, as an eyebrow specialist, is to book a brow shaping appointment with a brow expert in your area and see for yourself the positive benefits you will receive instantly. You will be hooked.  Promise! Here are the top 10 reasons moms should get their eyebrows styled.

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  • 7 Minutes To Fabulous

    Another school year is here, and the busy begins. Moms are like action heroes, getting through the week but I have a simple makeup routine that can help you put on your best face for the day ahead. And best of all, it only takes seven minutes. I promise!

  • Beauty Q&A: Anti Aging, Moisturizing Sunscreen Suggestions

    Hi Karen! I'm looking for a moisturizing, anti aging, sunscreen for my face. Any suggestions?

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  • Summertime Make-up Tips and Tricks

    Keep your skin looking fresh & flawless this season with Makeup Artist, Karen Scott's summer beauty tips!

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  • Karen Q&A: Best Product to Minimize Scars on a Child's Face?

    Question for Karen: I have a question! What's the best product to use on a 4 year old face to put on wounds so scar fades/goes away? I've been using mepiform and not seem to be working.

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  • Homemade Skin Care Recipes

    There's nothing like treating your skin to lotions and creams made from wholesome, natural, organic ingredients but often, those are the priciest.  Here are Karen's suggestions for natural DIY products that will have you glowing from head to toe.   

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