Karen Q&A: Best Product to Minimize Scars on a Child's Face?

Question for Karen: I have a question! What's the best product to use on a 4 year old face to put on wounds so scar fades/goes away? I've been using mepiform and not seem to be working. Someone mentioned south African Shea butter any thoughts on that or something else?

Answer from Karen: From experience I know for a fact that a Vitamin E stick will help fade a scare. Put the E stick on as many times a day as you like. During the summer make sure you have some sunscreen on the scar also to prevent it from becoming dark. Please believe me, the Vitamin E stick will work. Give it time. You can purchase one at Whole Foods or any health food store. I sell one as well.
Good Luck! Karen

Karen Scott is a Los Angeles makeup artist and eyebrow shaper extraordinaire. After working for both Estee Lauder and Chanel, she has created her own makeup line called Karen Scott Cosmetics.