Jam With Jamie & Friends: Kids Birthday Fun!

Looking to jazz up your kids next birthday party? Make sure Jam With Jamie & Friends is on your radar!  

We had the privilege of jamming' with a member of the "Jam" LA team; the hip, super friendly and energetic Summer who sang and played lots of kid favorites, led interactive games like parachute and bubbles and even brought out some animal puppets for the kids to play with.  

Jam with Jamie provides entertainment for kids in Southern California, NYC, South Florida and Tennessee.  In addition to birthdays, they also have kids playgroups you can hold at your home with a bunch of friends.  Read more about that below in our exclusive Q&A with founder, Jamie Kolnick.

Q: What is your background?

A: I grew up in Miami, Florida and have been singing and acting since I came out of the womb! I performed in musicals throughout my childhood, and in high school I assisted as a music teacher at a local camp. I adored the children at the camp and loved playing music with them. I attended the University of Texas at Austin for college and studied Theater. I then moved to NYC and had every odd job under the sun. I finally found my calling again when I started working with a children's theater in the West Village doing "The Velveteen Rabbit" and "The Little Mermaid." It led me to work as a music teacher at a Family club called "Citibabes" and ultimately inspired me to create "Jam with Jamie." I started doing parties in New York and the positive feedback was overwhelming. Now I am proud to say we are "Jam with Jamie and Friends" and have expanded to Miami, Nashville, and Los Angeles! I am still pursuing acting and recently finished a run of the Off-Broadway musical, "Wanda's Monster," with music written by kid rock star, Laurie Berkner.

Q: Why launch Jam with Jamie & friends?

A: I LOVE working with children! When I realized I could combine my passion for music and singing with a way to entertain kids, "Jam with Jamie" was a natural step for me. Oh, and it sure beats waiting tables :)

Q: Do you have a favorite kids album?

A: My current favorite is "Joanie Leeds and The Nightlights" new album "Good Egg."
If you want to see more of my favorites, see my feature with Daily Candy Kids!

Q: How do you find your performers?

A: I have been so lucky to find most of my team through referrals.The first person that joined my team was Kelly, a very talented actress who I met through a friend. Like a game of dominoes, she was then seen with her props at an audition, and a stranger asked about them and was interested in joining "Jam with Jamie" too! This is pretty much how our entire NY team was created, a bunch of broadway bound actors and musicians. When it came time to expand to Nashville. Los Angeles, and Miami, lots of our performers were recommended through friends. Also, Facebook played a huge part in guiding me towards the right jammers!

Q: You also organize private playgroups. Tell us about those.

A: Yep! In addition to our multiple party packages for 0-7 years old, we offer private playgroups for rockin' babies and toddlers. Our playgroups consist of a guitarist and pianist who sing Top 40 tunes, Rock n' Roll Oldies, and Classic Children's Tunes. They bring tons of interactive props and instruments for the little ones to join in on the fun and they also do a weekly puppet show! Your friends, your schedule, and we'll take care of the rest!