News: FDA suspends licence of Johnson & Johnson

I didn't seriously start paying attention to products and the ingredients contained in them until I became a mother.  Now I feel as though I'm constantly looking at labels.  Last month, I discovered the "Yo Kids" organic yogurt squeezers I was giving my kids contained carrageenan, an additive linked to cancer (For those looking to switch, Chobani tubes are made without it). Today, I was alerted that one of Johnson & Johnson's plants reportedly had its license suspended.  My first reaction was to throw all of the Johnson & Johnson samples in my house away. However, after more research, I found that the affected plant is outside the US (in India), and the batch in question was produced in 2007 (with a shelf life ending in 2010).  While there's no need for panic or drastic measures, for those of us raising young kids in 2013, these are realities which are important to stay on top of and educate ourselves about.   Click here to see the article.