How to Make Kids’ Rooms Feel More Playful

Playing is an occupation of childhood. It helps kids develop their muscles, brain, learn how to cooperate, think and be creative. Marie Nieves, lifestyle blogger, adventure enthusiast and lover of all things creative offers us her suggestions for giving kids the perfect space to be a kid. 


Physical Activities

Make some room for physical activities in your kid’s room and give them a chance to swing, pound, roll, spin and run a little. Incorporate some playground elements by installing an indoor swing or a small trampoline. If the space permits, set up a foldable gymnastics mat and invest in balls and equipment which can help your child develop hand-eye coordination and improve their orientation. For breaking a little sweat,  organize some space in their room dedicated just for dancing and morning exercises so your kids can improve their balance and avoid any problems with their back.

Creativity and Arts

In order to peek inside your kid’s minds, decorate their room as their safe place for expressing any thought or feeling. You can paint one entire wall with chalkboard paint and let your children draw on the walls as much as they want. In their desks, store as many supplies as possible and always be ready for drawing and painting sessions even you can share in. Also, it is a great idea to reserve one corner of the room for pretend play and set up a small imaginary stage for concerts, build a fort for playing soldiers and knights or set up a small tent and play camping. Make sure that the whole room décor is also creative, and be free to paint it in vivid colors and set up some playful wallpaper that can positively affect your child’s mood.

Presentation is the Key

The ways and means of showing and organizing furniture and other items around your kid’s room will greatly affect the whole atmosphere and energy. Keep everything neatly stored and accessible; organize materials and toys into colorful baskets and bins which are clearly labeled so your children will know where to store everything; present the toys and games is such way that they invite your children to play and enjoy them. Also, before decorating the whole room with toys and games, you can browse through some online stores and look up some Sideshow Collectibles toys that can make a great artistic contribution to your kid’s room.

Follow their Interests

Follow the interests of your children and decorate their room accordingly. If they do not play with dolls or dinosaurs anymore, it is time to switch to some other toys, games or even some interesting and educational books. Always try to reflect their passion and always keep them interested, teaching them to never give up on their dreams. Sometimes, they will prefer peace and quiet over running around and playing, so make sure to have a nice calming corner filled with colorful cushions and pillows where they can enjoy their favorite book or a cartoon.


You don’t need to spend a fortune decorating kid’s room. Give some old pieces of furniture new purpose, repair and repaint and you will have nice new decorations. Turn the old dresser into a new colorful table, repaint some old desk lamps or even give an old gym locker a whole new look and purpose as a closet. Dig through your garage and find new use for any old objects that still have their value and quality.



About the author Marie Nieves is a student and a blogger who loves unusual trips, gadgets and creative ideas. She is an avid lover of photography interested in interior and exterior design and regular author on several blogs. You can find Marie on Facebook or follow her on Twitter and G+.