How to Choose a Perfect Rug for Your Kid’s Room


Decorating a nursery is no child’s play, and the re-modelling process can be just as difficult as tackling the other rooms in the house. The entire plan depends on the kids’ age, sex, personality, preferences and a particular purpose they intend to use it for. One also has to make sure that the space is furnished in an optimal manner, taking children’s safety and habits into account.

One of the major tasks of interior design is the selection of rugs. They serve many purposes, from aesthetic to practical, and it takes a trained eye to pick the right flooring cover for the youngsters’ quarters.

Various purposes of rugs

Let’s begin with a simple question: Why do we need a rug in the first place? For starters, rugs are great insulators and this could be rather useful in the winter months. Not only will your little ones tread on a warm, snuggly floor, but your heating bill will get significantly reduced as well.

Secondly, the presence of carpets or rugs ensures a safer and more comfortable environment.  Finally, carefully selected rugs or carpets can superbly complement the room’s décor. Depending on the color and dimensions, rugs can provide a neutral base for the room or act as smart accent items.

Choice of shapes and sizes

The purchase of a rug for your kids’ room should involve a good deal of forethought. Think about the footage that has to be covered and act accordingly. Sometimes it’s easier to concentrate on separate portions of the room, such as a play corner and a reading area, while in other cases a wall-to-wall carpet is the most convenient option.

When it comes to available shapes, you have a variety of models to pick and choose from such as rectangle, oval, round, octagonal and numerous custom-made shapes.

Baby proof selection

Naturally, the room has to be furnished with respect to children’s age. There’s nothing more wonderful than welcoming a baby into its new abode. As he or she grows up, the room becomes its playground and the floor a potential hazard field. That’s why it’s important to ensure the rugs are antibacterial, soft and anti-slip.

Another thing that goes hand in hand with toddlers is the occurrence of spots and spills. I received some great advice from house cleaning experts in Australia and that was -- the use of an area rug allows you to pack it up and have it thoroughly cleaned in no time as opposed to calling in full service carpet cleaners. 

Boys or girls?

A cool, themed room will help to make your kids feel more at home. Take your little ones with you when shopping and get them in on the process.  There are so many themes from Barbie and Hello Kitty to cars and action heroes.

Materials and weaving type

If you want the carpet or a rug you selected to withstand the test of time and kids’ everyday activities, pay close attention to materials and the weaving type of the desired models. Some of the standard options of fibres include wool, nylon and olefin. The nylon stands out with its superior traits such as durability, soil and stain resistance and fade-proof quality. Soft and luxurious wool is, however, a great fit for nurseries and older children’s rooms.

There’s quite a few aspects you need to tackle in the course of picking out a perfect rug for your youngsters. Use these tips to help you make a more informed decision. 


 Marie Nieves is a student and a blogger who loves unusual trips, gadgets and creative ideas. She is an avid lover of photography interested in interior and exterior design and regular author on several blogs. You can find Marie on Facebook or follow her on Twitter, G+ and Pinterest.