Garage Organization Tips That'll Change Your Life

 As if they knew I were going through a home renovation and battling with organization, AAA Garage Storage Solutions, Inc, an LA based storage company, sent me an email.  Normally, I'd cruise over an email such as this, but having lived among boxes for some time now, the word "storage" sounded super appealing.  

The company asked if they could offer the Luxe Angeles Mom readers and I some "life saving" storage tips.  After searching their site and fantasizing about a garage as pristine as the ones pictured, I admit I was curious.  Below is a guest post courtesy of AAA storage expert, Madison Aki.


Garage Organization Tips That'll Change Your Life

The weather in LA is great all year round, which means outdoor equipment is going to be guessed it...all year round. But sometimes it’s hard to keep those items orderly and in place. With my own garage (which barely fits a mid-size SUV and a motor scooter) I’ve found that after only a few months, it’s grown cluttered and misused even when I have no room to spare. I mean come on, I’ve had a garbage bag labeled “Clothes To Be Donated” sitting on the garage floor for over a year. If you’re ready to get cracking on that garage, then follow these tips to start taking charge of your space (and heaven knows I need to practice what I preach!)


Motivation: Here’s the part I struggle with. Everytime I get in the car, I’m reminded of how messy my garage is. But then by the time the garage door closes, it’s off my mind entirely. Make yourself a deal and promise that if you clean the garage you can go buy a new outfit, but you have to hold yourself accountable!

Recruit Help: You don’t have to do this all by yourself. If you have kids, make it a game and have them help you. Or spend a Saturday with your spouse cleaning up the space. You’ll all feel accomplished and excited about the work you've done. 

Sort & Donate: When you’re going through all of your stuff, don’t be afraid to get rid of things! If you haven’t used them this long, chances are you don’t need them anymore. If the item is haggard to the point where you wouldn't want to buy it from a thrift shop, throw it out! Put your donations in trash bags (don’t forget to label!!) and then take them over to your nearest donation site.

Off The Floor: Here’s where the magic comes into play. You can double, triple, or even quadruple the space you have by installing shelves. I’m talking garage shelves that attach to the wall and can park your car close to the wall. 

Designate Spots: If your storage doesn't have a designated spot, then it probably won’t get put away nicely. That leads to clutter, which leads to stress, which leads to a breakdown, which leads to your kids seeing you cry in a heap on the kitchen floor. And we don’t want that. So designate spots for your stuff!

Clean Sweep: One of the last steps is to sweep that newly discovered floor right up. You want everything feeling noticeably cleaner. If there are markings on the walls, just use a damp cloth to get them off 

Admire & Reward: Now for the beauty of it all. Go head girl, get that outfit...or ice cream, or new bed spread, or whatever it is that you promised yourself in the beginning. Don’t forget to thank your little helpers too!

Want more organizational tips? Check out their "How To" video below.