Fayvel: Shoes For Dreamers

I recently took my son shoe shopping and he passed on every sneaker.  Ever since he got a pair of Fayvel shoes, that's all he wants to wear. I told him if he had another pair to wear every now and then, they'd last longer.  He says he'd rather wear these into the ground and get another pair.  Can't argue with the logic.  


Both my kids recently had the opportunity to test the shoes for an article I wrote for North County Kids Magazine and even though they don't "trade" the velcro tags (at 5 & 6, trading's a tough concept) they love the look, the feel and yes, the tags.


Fayvel, which means "bright one" in Yiddish, was founded by Erin Slater, who loved collecting and trading stickers as a child.  With Fayvel, she can watch her kids - and tons of others - do just that.  The shoe tags, which range from super hero to space to faries, are sold in a four pack for $12.  The velcro is strong so you can take them off and put them on numerous times depending on your mood.  They give the shoes a very personalized feel, making the kids feel like they've had a hand in the design.


Kids actually do assist in the shoe design.  Slaters own two girls and their friends have come up with many of the concepts and sketched out ideas.  "Seeing my own children's passion for Fayvel is sentimental for me," says Slater.  "There have been many moments of joy (and nostalgia) swapping ideas and watching Fayvel come to life."