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Farm Fresh Groceries from Open Taste

Dinnertime exhausts me.  I spend an insane amount of time grocery shopping, researching recipes and cooking and most of the time, my kids don't want to eat it.  I'm pretty sure I need a food supernanny to swoop in and help. While she has yet to appear, I did try something that alleviated at least some of my struggle.


I was recently contacted by Opentaste,  an LA based online marketplace that delivers organic, local farmers market foods to your door.  Delivery is free and prices are less than what you would typically pay at Whole Foods.  While they don't offer everything you're going to get on a trip to the store, they do offer a full assortment of fresh high quality foods including meat, fish, veggies, fruit, cheese, yogurt and eggs.   Think of it as your own personal farmers market shopper.  

If you're thinking about checking it out, this is the time.  They're currently offering a 50% off groupon ($15 for $30 toward farm fresh groceries with delivery or $25 for $50 toward farm fresh groceries with delivery)