F3 Foods: Your Own Personal Chef & Nutritionist in a Box

Most of us parents spend so much time on our kids food that we neglect our own.  After writing a post about this issue a while back, I was approached by F3 Foods; a doctor designed, fresh cooked, pre-portioned meal system that helps you get fit, healthy and more energized. 

It's a fantastic option for parents looking for the convenience of having healthy foods on hand in the fridge.  It's  also great for those looking to lose weight and is super helpful if you want/need to "start over" or detox from sugar, gluten and/or processed foods.

I decided to give it a shot for the convenience factor and was surprised at how delicious the food was.  I was also in bliss having only the kids meals to worry about.  Check out the Q&A below and if you're interested, give it a shot...  all Luxe Angeles Mom readers get a discount! (See Below!!)

How does F3 Foods help you lose weight?

The program provides delicious and nutrient dense foods that balance blood sugar and insulin levels.  The food supports lean muscle mass to keep you strong, promotes optimal fat burning metabolism to keep you lean and aids in sleep and digestion.  They say their average customer typically loses 5-15 lbs in the first 7 days and up to 25 lbs after 28 days.

How does the program work?

F3 Foods had a doctor, nutrition experts and professional chefs build a meal plan that you get to customize.  The food is cooked and shipped fresh directly to your doorstep.  You also get paired with a coach who you can text, email or call anytime.  They check in on you and you are free to ask as many questions, get as much advice and have as much encouragement as you need. 

What's the food like?

No processed sugars, HFCS, gluten, soy or other artificial sweeteners.  All of it is cooked fresh by professional chefs and the ingredients are all listed on the packages.  I found the cooked meals (as opposed to salads, berries and yogurt etc) to be the best.  The portions are large, they have tons of taste and they are heated in less than 2 min.  You can use your oven but feel free to microwave.  All of their Go- Green plastics are safe, 100% recyclable, and none release BPA when heated. 

What's the cost?

F3 Foods offers a 7 or 28 day program.  The 7 day for women is $219 or $30/day for breakfast, lunch and dinner, guys is $239.  They do offer discounts for first timers PLUS enter the code: "luxeangelesmom" and receive $50 off a 7day getfit program or $100 off a 28 day program.