Entertaining Elephants: Kids Clothes That Feel As Good As They Look

Whether as a Hollywood art director or the founder of a children’s clothing line and boutique, Ellen Massey ‘s artistic eye has served her well. “I always wanted to do something for kids,“ Ellen says, “Everything was pink and blue… kiddy stuff. I wanted to introduce children to items and colors from around the world.”

In 2000, she did just that opening Entertaining Elephants in Studio City and stocking the shop with unique items inspired by world cultures, vintage classics, and mother nature. Displayed in an almost magical setting are an eye catching array of treasures from brightly colored bunny hats knit in Bolivia to felted wool slippers hand made in Nepal to organic cotton basics manufactured right here in Downtown Los Angeles.

With the use of low impact dyes, her stock of rare quilts, clothes and hats transform into fashion statements with an undeniable feel good quality that customers call color therapy. “I love clothes made in poorer countries,” says Massey. “Those with less tend to have a greater sense of color because it cheers them up as opposed to those with more money who tend to wear black and grey.”

While Massey does her part to be “green,” she admits the solution far from black and white. “I make a difference wherever I can but nothings perfect,” she admits. “I make products to last…. Products that mean something.”

The clothing, for example, is designed with the goal of creating minimal waste and thanks to their timeless classic cuts, they’re able to stand the test of time.

“I’m always told that my clothes make the best hand me downs and my mobiles are ones you can hang in your college dorm.”

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