Enjoy more zzz's with these 3 Summer Sleep Tips!

When my first child was born, my husband and I felt a mixture of emotions; excitement, overwhelming love, fear and exhaustion.  We were extremely fortunate to have been pointed in the direction of Brandi Jordan, board certified lactation consultant, pediatric sleep specialist, newborn care specialist and certified postpartum doula.  Not only was it invaluable to be able to ask her expert advice, but with her gentle guidance, our son became a champion sleeper around the age of 5 months. Brandi now heads up The Cradle Company, an amazing full service postpartum resource center offering classes ranging from prenatal yoga to childbirth to breastfeeding 101 and beyond.  Below are The Cradle Company's top 3 tips for getting your little one to sleep.

1. Routine, Routine, Routine - your mama told you this once, and she was right! Summer tends to be a time where all bets are off: we stay up late, we take off work, we vacation... but one of the best ways to help your child sleep more is to set a flexible but dependable daily routine. When kids know what to expect they feel calmer; when you think about it so do we!

2. Re-think Bedtimes - when you have an older child and a baby at home, many parents get in the habit of putting their toddler to sleep before the baby. We actually suggest reversing these bedtimes. Putting your baby to sleep 30-60 min before your toddler/older child can provide that one-on-one time and attention your older child really needs.

3. Be Mindful of How Early is too Early - during these summer months the sun never seems to leave the sky. While great for BBQ's and ball games, this can be difficult on the parents of early risers. Be sure to set an appropriate boundary for how early is too early so 6am doesn't become 5:45am and 5:45am become 5:30am!