Elm Baby: Hand Picked Products For Parents

A one-stop online shopping destination for parents-to-be, new parents and their friends and family, Elm Baby has everything for mom, dad and baby and it's natural, organic and safe. Started by Bella Miranda, a 29 year old single mother of two, Elm Baby is especially unique because Bella finds the best from all over the world for the most discerning tastes.There’s even something for expectant fathers in the “Dad's Corner” from handsomely styled baby accessories to gift suggestions for the mother-to-be. We got the inside scoop on Elm in our exclusive Q&A with Bella including her favorite Father’s Day Finds!

Q: What sets Elm Baby apart from other baby companies?

A: Elm Baby is a lifestyle. This is not a site only for babies but rather it encompasses the whole family. The products on the site are natural, safe and organic. There is something for everyone. I handpick all the products. As a mother, I know the feeling of still wanting to look beautiful when you’re pregnant. Elm Baby has those items. It also has really cool things for dads and grandparents!!

Q: What are your best sellers?

A: When I was in Italy, I discovered the Elm Baby Exclusive BedSide-Sleeper. It's truly amazing. It's a baby bassinet that can become mobile with a secure stand, and at night, it attaches to your bed. Our Exclusive Organic Aqua Teethers and burp cloth set from Master & Miss is also a favorite. The exclusive Momi Belly Oil From Oh life is a must have too.

Q: What’s in the name?

A: Glad you asked! They are the initials of my first born son.

Q: How old were your kids when you started the company?

A: My son was a newborn and that was in 2011. When I was pregnant, I had the hardest time finding really great products for my son and myself. It was also really overwhelming to go from place to place trying to find products that were natural and organic. So, I thought I’d take matters into my own hands and Elm Baby was born!

Q: How do you find your products?

A: I was living in South Africa for some time and while exploring the area and surrounding countries, it was amazing the products I found. I have a background in fashion/design so this sort of thing comes naturally to me. I’ve also been to Denmark and Italy and have discovered some amazing products there as well.

Q: How often are you on the road?

A: I am on the road practically every other month. My first priority is spending as much time as possible with my children and making sure they are always loved by me. I try to do most of my work from home or my office but when I have to…. I travel!

Q: Does your family travel with you?

A: At this current time, my children do not travel with me. They are at a very young age and I believe that it can become stressful for them to be out of their routine. I jump on the flights, quickly accomplish my meetings and even sometimes travel the same day home because happiness is being with them.

Q: What are your goals for Elm Baby?

A: I couldn’t be happier with the path we are on. I started this site to help other moms and dads. I wanted people who are starting out to have a place to go that is one stop shopping for all things natural, safe and organic without being overwhelmed. When all is said and done, my goal is to create a healthy way of life for parents and newborns. I’m also working on creating the Elm Baby Charity.

Elm Baby Father’s Day Gift Guide!

The MANdle Candle – Game Day 15oz ($19.99) –Pigskin and grass stains...this soy eco-candle brings the smells of the field to your couch.

Hand stamped Man’s Key Chain ($70) or Personalized guitar Pick ($45.00) – It’s hard to go wrong with a personalized gift. ElmBaby.com offers handmade, customizable copper key chains or customized copper guitar picks with a case

Nardo’s Natural: All Natural After Shave Lotion ($14.99) or Body Wash (13.99) -All natural Citrus Burst shave lotion is packed with organic plant extracts and is ideal for all skin types. The Orange Eucalyptus Body Wash is made with certified organic botanical extract and contains crushed walnut shells and clarifying essential oils of eucalyptus and peppermint.

Diaper Dude $60A diaper bag that dad won't shy away from! Specially designed for hip dads (and moms!),

this cool sack has sporty messenger styling and lots of handy features for on-the-go parents.

For more information, visit www.elmbaby.com