• Plastic Surgery Q&A: I'm Considering Breast Augmentation. Where Do I Begin?

    Who is a good candidate? What types of implants are there? Can I go home the day of surgery? Our Plastic Surgeons answer your questions.

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  • Plastic Surgery Q&A: What Can I do about my child's prominent ears? Will they go away?

    Prominent ears is a condition where the ears are not pushed back enough against the scalp and protrude. This is a very common problem we see in younger people seeking plastic surgery. The straight-forward surgery (otoplasty — sometimes referred to as pin-back surgery) involves making an incision behind the ear and suturing the cartilage of the ear back so that it is not protruding from the skull.

  • Plastic Surgery Q&A: How Can I Improve the Look of My Scars?

    One of the most common aspects of the plastic surgeon's career involves managing scars and preventing them from being conspicuous. We are frequently asked by patients how to make a scar go away or how to minimize its appearance. Here are three important things you should know.

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  • Plastic Surgery Q&A: How do I go about choosing a plastic surgeon?

    Shopping for Plastic Surgery can be a tricky business. Without the ability to see the product before making a decision, how do you make the right choice? The answer is to buy into the surgeon's integrity, high standards, and rapport with you, his or her prospective patient. Surgeons certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) have excelled in the most rigorous and demanding training and examination process that exists for Plastic Surgeons in the U...

  • Plastic Surgery Q&A: Can creams or lotions get rid of my stretch marks?

    Many patients have been asking lately about creams they've heard about that are used to treat stretch marks. Unfortunately, there is no magic treatment for stretch marks. Stretch marks occur when the skin is expanded more rapidly then it can stretch out. This occurs most commonly during pregnancy or rapid weight gain.

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