Kids Can Learn Programming Before They Learn To Read

If you've started looking into camps for your kids this summer you've probably noticed a theme: coding.  Computer science is the new language of the world and toy companies have taken note.  Even before they can read, kids can start to learn the basics. 

Take Primo for example.  Today, through a worldwide Kickstarter campaign, the toy company is launching Cubetto, an  interface that teaches children programming logic as young as 4 years old. The playset consists of a  wooden robot, a physical programming console with a set of 16 colorful coding blocks, a map and activity book.  Just give Cubetto instructions using the blocks: forward, left, right, then press the button and watch as it follows your directions.

The gender neutral toy is supported by Montessori schools as well as investors like Randi Zuckerberg because of screen-less and hands-on play that encourage the fundamentals of programming.  It also helps children boost creativity, critical thinking, spatial awareness and communication skills.

“Learning to program in early years is essential, but it should also be fun, playful and age appropriate,” said Filippo Yacob, Co-Founder & CEO of Cubetto. “Our mission is to help children develop and realize their full creative potential.”

The Cubetto Kickstarter campaign runs through April 7.