Bullying Q&A: What as a parent can I do to stop a bully?

What's Your Question?

What as a parent can I do to stop a kid who is a bully? I'm baffled by someone who just doesn't seem to care when disciplined.  

Elissa's Answer: 

Thank so much for your question, I appreciate anyone who Is really looking to help and understand this epidemic!   Please remember, that someone who is bullying others does not feel good.  They are hurt, sad, angry, jealous, feeling unworthy, feeling invisible, etc. etc.  There is always a reason when someone acts out.  We need to remember that bullies are not bad, they just don't feel good.  Hurt people hurt other people.  They most likely want to be heard.  So my advice is to ask questions, lend an ear, a shoulder and be there to listen to what the underlying problem is!  You can also let them know that being mean to others may feel like a quick fix to act out on whatever emotion they are feeling – but the person they are being unkind to…they will remember this for YEARS.  The scars that are left are everlasting.  People are often mean to others and they really  just do not understand the long term negative effects that it has on the victim.

Elissa Kravetz is an advocate for anti-bullying and speaks at camps and schools throughout the country. In 2011 she founded the non-profit organization, The Farley Project.