Book Review: Scardies Away!

If you're looking for a way to help, handle and explain different fears your children have, check out "Scardies Away!," a beautifully illustrated story written by two psychologists about understanding the "scardies" and ways in which to banish them.  

Aimed at 6-12-year-olds, SCAREDIES AWAY! is about two very different kids: eight-year-old Jack and his cousin Clay.  Jack is scared of lots of things: the dark, going swimming, and riding the biggest rollercoaster on the boardwalk.  While he usually runs away from his fears, Clay, who is a bit older, helps him work through and overcome them with help from the Magic Finger Countdown and a little bravery.  

With repeated practice, the Magic Finger Countdown teaches children how to take control over their feelings. The book explains this system through a series of 5 steps.  

Step One

Say ‘hello’ to the fears in your body.

Step Two

Make a fist and send all your scaredies down your arm and into your fist.

Step Three

Squeeze your fist tight and let your fears know that you have them right where you want them.

Step Four

Count down backward from five while you release one finger at a time. Blow those fears away to make sure they’re gone!

Step Five

Say good-bye to your fears. Congratulate yourself! Good job!


Read the book with your kids and explore the Afterword for tips on implementing the technique.  Scardies Away is available in both paperback and kindle versions.  

Disclaimer: Thanks to BMD publishing for sending a copy of Scardies Away for review.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.