Book: Max Pays Attention

The beautifully illustrated book, "Max Pays Attention," written by by Barbara Gibson-Paul, a licensed marriage, family and child therapist recently came across my desk.  In addition to the pictures, I liked the message about hard work and self discipline and shared the story with my kids.   



Although they are 3 and 5, both my kids enjoyed reading about 7-year old Max, a boy who has trouble sitting still and paying attention in class.  They saw how he earned stars on a chart by setting goals with him mom and following the rules in his classroom and cheered him on as he succeeded.


Gibson-Paul, a former special education teacher, mother of boys, and Calabasas resident, was driven to write the book after finding there were few stories available that would help young children understand the importance of setting goals for themselves at school or at home in order to earn "something special". 


The story is aimed at helping children ages 5-8 with attention-deficit hyperactive disorder, self-esteem and socialization, but it's truly applicable to all.  "I hope to continue writing children's books," says Gibson-Paul, "that are both entertaining as well as helpful and encouraging to children in their everyday life."





"Max Pays Attention" was sent to me to help facilitate this post.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.