Bombas Kids Socks. Better Socks. Better World. Bee Better.

"Through our work with those in need, we know that socks are often times the most requested clothing item at homeless shelters."- Major George Hood, Chief Communications Officer for The Salvation Army

With that very quote, the look good / feel good company, Bombas was formed.  They're the Tom's of Socks... For every pair of socks purchased, one is donated.  

The socks ($8/each) are great for kids with bright colors, a super comfortable design and believe it or not, a Growth Guarantee - if kids grow out of or wear through the socks, Bombas will send you another pair for free!

The collection currently has options in two base colors accented by one of four neon colors for men, women, teens and kids. 

The numbers truly speak for themselves.  So far, Bombas has given over 70,000 pairs to their charity partner Hannah’s Socks as well as other organizations and shelters nationwide.