Biggest Baby Shower Ever? Turn To Big City Moms

Big City Moms is a community for new and expectant parents who want to be the best mom or dad they can be. Through its online presence and in-person events, the group provides invaluable resources such as parenting seminars, classes and support groups. Today, the ten year old company boasts over 300,000 members, a strong social media community, events and a trademarked “Biggest Baby Shower Ever!” event which attracts a sold-out crowd of new and expectant moms looking to find the latest and hottest essentials for a modern parenting lifestyle. That event was just held in LA, but it comes back every year so be sure to keep a look out! 

We chatted with founders and sisters, Risa Goldberg and Leslie Venokur, to find out what Big City Moms is all about. 

Q: You’ve attracted some big celebs! Tell us the good and the bad involved in starting and growing a successful company.

A: “Ten years ago when I had my first child,” says Risa, “I felt like the mommy community was missing. There wasn’t anywhere to go-a place that would help you navigate this new world. So, along with my sister Leslie, we decided to do something about it. We got a group of about 18 new moms together and started with a dinner. We then started handing out pamphlets and invitations. Before we knew it, Big City Moms was born and the moms just kept coming. They wanted to know what was next! In the beginning we had an exclusive night of shopping at Barneys’ and salon sessions and then it grew into holiday parties and at this point, friends of friends of friends were spreading the word. We then created the Biggest Baby Shower Ever! And not only did new parents respond positively but the baby industry came to rely on us to launch their new products to the thousands of new parents attending the showers. It was a steady climb-we went from a community of 18 to currently 300,000 throughout the country.”


Q: What is the Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower Ever?

A: It’s literally, the Biggest Baby Shower you’ve ever been to! It’s a great way to connect with other moms, learn about all the top baby products all under one roof while also getting the chance to hear over 20 speakers giving advice and sharing stories. We can promise you that with over 125 vendors you will walk away feeling more confident and ready to face the baby world head on!


Q: Which cities are you in?

A: We currently hold the Biggest Baby Shower Ever! in NYC, LA, Miami, San Francisco, Boston and Washington, DC. However, we’re looking to expand into other cities as well.  Our daily events are held in NYC.