Back To School Prep: Keeping Kids Healthy

While sick days are a normal part of growing up, there are ways to reduce the number of colds your kids get.  Pediatrician and founder of Zarbee's Naturals, Dr. Zak Zarbock, says, "Studies link deficiencies in zinc and vitamins A, C, D, and E to reduced immune function, so it's best to ensure your child is getting the immune boosting vitamins, minerals and nutrients they need with a quality supplement. 



You may know of Zarbees natural cough syrup for kids.  Well, the wellness brand is now launching an immune support line for the whole family.  We spoke with Dr Zak to find out more about the new line and how we can better protect ourselves this year.   

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Q. What are some some tips that families can use to reduce the number of colds and flus they catch?

A. It is possible to reduce the number of colds and flu’s in a family. An important first step is to prepare the immune system. The building blocks of a strong immune system are good food, good sleep and good physical activity.

Q. How are Zarbee’s gummies different from daily vitamins?

A. Zarbee’s gummies are designed to protect kids and their families when they are most susceptible. The gummies have natural ingredients such as elderberry and echinacea as well as key vitamins and minerals to help support a family's immune system without drugs, alcohol or artificial dyes.

Q. What do you think of the research that says kids don't need vitamins if they eat fairly healthfully?

A. Eating healthfully is key to maintaining a strong immune system. Zarbee’s gummies provide an extra boost when kids and families are most susceptible.

Q. How does Zarbee’s cough syrup differ from other cold formulas?

A. Zarbee’s has an entire line of natural, drug-free cough syrups for the entire family. this means that families do not have to deal with the unwanted side effects and grogginess of alcohol, dyes or gluten. the cough syrups are made with a unique blend of antioxidant-rich dark honeys and fortified with vitamin c and zinc. i was inspired to create Zarbee’s naturals after the fda ruled in 2007 that children's cough syrups were unsafe for kids under 4 years. i discovered a compelling clinical trial showing dark honey was effective at calming coughs and sore throats in children and young adults. This was the inspiration for the cough syrups. We also have a cough syrup for infants who cannot take honey. It is the cough syrup safe and effective for babies 2 months+. It's made with natural agave nectar, which holds the effective clinical characteristics notable in honey and is safe for babies.

Q. What are some suggestions you have to keep your kids comfortable once they do catch a cold?

A. My personal recommendation is to follow the abc's:

1. Anti-inflammatory for pain relief and reduction of inflammation – also protection against secondary problems like ear infections.
2. Buckwheat honey -- a blend of anti-oxidant rich dark honeys found in Zarbee’s cough syrups.