Back To School Gear: Let Your Kids Chooze

If children had the opportunity to design their own clothing line, chances are there would be a swarm of color, an array of mismatched patterns and the impressive ability to stand out in a crowd. While there is an innate parental desire that drives many of us to try and steer them in a different direction, Sharon Blumberg, founder of Chooze, believes it is the freedom to express ones self that is the key to unleashing their potential. “My husband and I believe strongly in our purpose of inspiring kids with creativity, confidence and the power to have an impact,” says Sharon. “Running a business together can be overwhelming but our purpose fuels our hard work and we feel extremely proud of what we create every day.”


From a very young age, Blumberg’s daughter, Ayla, was expressing herself through her wardrobe choices, which often included two mismatched shoes.

“She would always just instinctively grab two different shoes. People would say, ‘It’s so great that you let her do that.’ I was just letting her be herself.”


With that thought serving as inspiration, the family launched Chooze in 2011. The collection started out as a mismatched shoe line, but quickly grew into a lifestyle brand including clothes, backpacks and accessories.

Ayla, currently 10 years old, is still involved in day to day operations.

She “reviews collections with me before we go to production and tests many of our products,” says Sharon adding, “It is always good to get a chid's perspective on our prints and color choices.”


In addition to empowering kids through their wardrobe, the company is helping them ‘Chooze’ to make a positive impact. A percentage of each purchase goes to one of five children related causes that kids can decide on themselves through their website.