BabySpace Q&A: My Kids Still Haven't Adjusted To The Time Change!

Q: Hi Caren and Jessica,

I need HELP! My kids aren't adjusting to the time change!! They still go to sleep at the same time but are waking up at the fist crack of sun which happens to be at 5am. Normally, they'd sleep until 6 or 7. My youngest has a sun clock that shines when it's 7 but she's been ignoring it. Will they adjust on their own or is there something I can do?




We understand how hard adjusting to Daylight Savings can be for kids AND parents. You aren't alone! Most children (and adults too!) take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to adjust. In the meantime, there are some things that you can do to help speed the process along.

1. We would advise keeping your kids' rooms as dark as possible using blackout shades or even tape something up that you have on hand such as aluminum foil or cardboard.

2. We would also recommend adjusting your child's sun clock to 6:00 AM rather than 7:00 with the hope that in time you can increase by 15 minute increments once she is waking at 6:00.

3. We are unsure of the ages of your children, but if they are old enough to reason with, do your best to hold firm to the 6 am wakeup time. Reinforce the sun clock and give them a choice to go back to sleep, rest in bed, or play quietly in their room(s).

Don't worry, they will eventually adjust to the time change and you will be getting sleep again!


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