Award Show Hairstyles: For Kids!

The month of January was packed with award shows. From the People’s Choice Awards to the Grammy’s just last week, Hollywood’s starlets stepped onto the red carpets in their bold trend-setting styles. But it seems that keeping up with Hollywood style trends is no longer just a grown up thing to do. “Kids nowadays are so style conscious. In fact, kids (and parents) come into my salons everyday with pages torn out of celebrity magazines, asking for styles that celebrities are sporting,” says Cozy Friedman, founder of So Cozy products and Cozy’s Cuts for Kids.

We got Cozy to show us how to help your kids achieve these A-lister hair styles at home!

 People’s Choice Awards: Heidi Klum

Cozy’s Tip: I love this style because there is no better way to dress up a regular ponytail for your little one than to add a braid! It’s actually easier than it looks.

Pull her hair back in a high ponytail like you normally would, except take a small section of hair from the bottom and braid it, and then wrap it around the elastic and secure with bobby pins and hairspray. Then with the remaining hair in the ponytail, braid as you normally would! You can use a gel like my SoCozy Styling Gel ($13.95, to slick back the hair into a tight ponytail to hold the style like Heidi did for any special occasion.

Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG): Kerry Washington


Cozy’s Tip: I love this graceful look and I actually have a similar version that girls can recreate in my book, Cozy’s Complete Guide to Girl’s called The Ballerina Chignon.

The trick to this hairstyle is to pull back the hair into a ponytail and split the ponytail in half horizontally. Then you comb the top section up and roll it into a loop, pinning the ends to the base of the ponytail. Do the same for the lower section of the ponytail except roll this section of hair down. Using several hairpins, stretch out he loops of hair all around the ponytail base so the loops each form a semicircle—one on top and one on bottom. Girls can have fun with this style by adding fun accessories—embellished bobby pins or a headband as Kerry did.

Grammy’s: Beyonce


Cozy’s Tip: Loose waves definitely give an effortless look and are actually very easy to create.

Run a quarter-sized amount of SoCozy Styling Cream ($13.95, through her damp hair, twisting small sections around your fingers, and letting air dry.