AryaBall: Dad Designs 5-in-1 Sports Ball & Bat

I typically agree when people say there are no new ideas anymore but one San Diego dad has defied the odds and come up with something that's really cool.  It's called AryaBall and it's the world's first 5 in 1 sports ball and bat set.  One ball. One bat. 5 games.



Founder Babak Forutanpour conceived of the idea after a park date with his son, Arya.  The two went to throw the football around but soon, Arya wanted to switch to soccer.  Having only brought a football, father and son kicked that back and forth for a while but quickly found that dissatisfying and even a bit embarrassing.  Knowing how hard it is to remember to bring and carry multiple items around, Forutanpour went into his garage and using his 3D printer, built a prototype for a set that would keep his kids busier longer.  As he puts it, "less screen time, more green time."  This one ball and bat (which turns into a club) easily enables kids to switch between a game of soccer, football, baseball, golf and frisbee without the use of additional equipment.



AryaBall’s nested design includes the outer layer of a standard soccer ball, but when twisted open, a football is found perched inside. Upon opening the football, a “dimpled” baseball is revealed, which doubles as a golf ball and users will also find a flying disc. AryaBall also comes equipped with AryaBat, a baseball bat with a slide-out putter head to quickly transform into a golf club.



AryaBall is on Kickstarter, a site aimed at helping amazingly creative ideas like this become a reality.  Check out the video below and let us know what you think!