An Expert's Guide To Flying With Babies

I was recently contacted by Brianna Meighan, author of's #1 bestseller, How To Fly With A Baby: Your Mile High Guide To Air Travel With An Infant.  Having kids 15 months apart and the majority of our family on the other side of the country, I was immediately intrigued.   

Brianna, who lives in Panama, flew with her son on 40 flights (visiting 7 foreign countries and 9 US states) all before his first birthday.  While her book is a more straight forward manual than a personal down and dirty account on how she made this all happen without ending up in a padded room,  it does make you think, "If she could do that, I could do..."  

She figured out the best place to sit, how to keep her son in the same story time routine, and how to accessorize and look fabulous while doing it all (which is where I admit she lost me a little).  Regardless, it's easy to appreciate the expertise she has gained and benefit from the tips she shares.   

For example: 

  • Give Your Child Something NEW To Play With 

"Having a stash of small toys packaged in wrapping paper ready to go in the event of a fit can be a great lifesaver."

  • Attach A Leash To Just About Anything That Can Be Leashed

"Babies drop things constantly, so avoid the major hassle of having to lean down and search around the airplane floor over and over again."

  • Be Prepared For Delays, Cancelations or Rerouting

"Pack an extra change of clothes for your baby, a clean shirt for yourself, extra diapers/wipes, your cosmetics/toiletries, extra formula, your breast pump and extra baby food."