5 Cool Mom-Made Inventions

It's the stuff you never knew you needed... until you really needed it.  Leave it to the experts to help fill out your essentials list.


Rectangle Tidy Table Cover - Set of 3  - $3.99

Tired of getting glitter on your dining room table?  This stretchy cover with banded edges will fit and protect several table sizes. Wipe them clean for easy reuse.

ZooMoo Insulated Cup Holder & Sippy Cup - 12.99

Keep sippy cups insulated and cool while helping your little ones hold on to them.  Each holder comes with a BPA and phthalate-free a sippy cup.

GUMEEZ™: Chewable teething jewelry - price varies

This teething jewelry is fashionable, non-toxic and chewable!  Lots of styles for moms to wear and safe for babies to chew. 

Baby Bedside Changing Station - 34.99

No need to get out of bed in the middle of the night change a diaper! This three-in-one changing station can be tucked between the bed's mattress and box spring and hang from the side of the bed. It fits all of Baby's essentials and even features a strap so you can take it with you.

Baby Bindle Seat Pack -19.99

When lugging a diaper bag just isn't necessary, the seat pack will easily strap on to any car seat or stroller.  Lightweight, easy to use and perfect for holding all of yours and your baby's essentials.