3 Books to Keep Kids Hooked

The Golden Ticket

Are your kids mystified by the idea of stepping foot into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory? Well now you can be the ultimate hero by presenting them with their very own golden ticket.

Wonderbly, the company behind the bestselling book, “Lost My Name,” allows them to explore Wonka’s world through beautifully illustrated pictures and highly personalized text. No two books are exactly the same. From a one of a kind Wonka bar to an original song and family tree all inspired by your child’s name, you’ll leave them marveling at how the entire story revolves around them.

Harry Potter Illustrated Editions

Award-winning artist Jim Kay has brought J.K. Rowling's beloved Harry Potter books to life with hundreds of stunning illustrations that are just as magical for a new reader as they are to a seasoned fan.

These lavishly drawn, oversized editions have been emerging slowly (illustrating a 7 book series is unmistakably no easy feat) but the slow reveal is part of the fun. Sorcerer’s Stone was released back in 2015, Chamber of Secrets followed a year later, and Prisoner of Azkabanhit shelves in October. Look for Goblet of Fire in October 2018.

On A Magical Do Nothing Day

Through her distinctive style, French author-illustrator, Beatrice Alemagna, tells an enthusiastic tale inspired by typical childhood boredom. A downpour at an isolated cabin drowns a child's hope of weekend fun, particularly after Mom confiscates a handheld video game, but once the child steps outside striking illustrations depict the true magic she discovers in the unplugged wonders of nature.

“On a Magical Do-Nothing Day” has been recognized with a Gold Medal from the Society of Illustrators.

**And don't forget about the I See Me collection  previously featured with an extensive collection of customized coloring books, stickers, growth charts and more.