10 Reasons Why Mom's Should Get Their Eyebrows Shaped

I know as women, we are all looking for that quick and cost effective beauty fix!

My advice to you, as an eyebrow specialist, is to book a brow shaping appointment with a brow expert in your area and see for yourself the positive benefits you will receive instantly. You will be hooked. Promise!

Here are the top 10 reasons moms should get their eyebrows styled:

1. Helps make the face look cleaner.

2. Brings definition to your eyes.

3. Brightens and polishes up your look.

4. Brings balance and symmetry to the face.

5. Creates and instant eyelift (non-surgical that is).

6. Creates drama.

7. Helps you look more approachable.

8. Takes the look of stress and anger out of the face.

9. You will feel lighter and prettier.

10. You will INSTANTLY look younger!

So run, don't walk to your next brow appointment!

Pro tip: If your brows need some growing in, apply Vaseline at bedtime.

Karen Scott is a Los Angeles makeup artist and eyebrow shaper extraordinaire. After working for both Estee Lauder and Chanel, she has created her own makeup line called Karen Scott Cosmetics.